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29th April 2010, Thursday

Common Seal

The Common Seal that has frequented the area recently gave great views along the river across from the Wader Pool Hide. In the second picture below you can see an orange tag on the hind flippers, I think that this individual was possibly released from Mallydams sometime ago.

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29th April 2010, Thursday

Rye Harbour Shore

A walk along the low water shore line at day break produced some interesting finds. A fine Tompot Blenny was stranded in a small pool, the small feathery tentacles around the nostrils and a larger pair on top of the head between the eyes help to id this fish. Also many Masked Crabs (pictured below) were creeping around the shore line, the oval shape of the carapace with four teeth on each side and the extremely long antennae are distinctive features, males can be seperated from females by the long first walking legs. Avian highlights included 2 Arctic and 5 Little Tern roosting on the low water sand and 3 Arctic Skua were chasing and successfully robbing Sandwich Terns offshore.

Tompot Blenny along the shore this morning

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16th March 2010, Tuesday

Little Dragon

This 15cm long fish was found dead this morning on the tide line near the Mary Stanford Lifeboat House. It appears to be a Common Dragonet Callionymus lyra, which lives a life on the sandy sea bed trying to remain hidden and ambush prey – its eyes and gill openings are both on top of the head.


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3rd March 2010, Wednesday

A very low tide…

It may have been one of the lowest low tides for the next 5 years, but the east wind made it oh so cold! In a short walk to the sea at Pett Level a small sea urchin test (Psammechinus miliaris?) and brittlestars (Ophiura albida) were found – below.

20th January 2010, Wednesday

Garden seal released into the sea

Curious? click here for BBC report.

17th October 2009, Saturday

Beach Reserve/Harbour Farm

Highlights yesterday/this morning have included 2 Sandwich Tern, 15 Gannet, 76 Brent Geese and a Grey Seal offshore. Goldfinches have been a feature with about 300 passing through in small flocks, a group of 30 Swallows were present on Harbour Farm were 6 Redwing, 24 Pied Wagtail and 18 Siskin also passed overhead. A nice find this morning was a Firecrest in bramble scrub behind Ternery Pool.


Grey Seal offshore yesterday

4th May 2009, Monday

Bridge watchpoint

Monkbretton Bridge in Rye continues to be a popular spot to watch for the local Common Seal which frequents the river around the fishermen’s quay. Yesterday the seal was swimming about just below the bridge, and several families were enjoying the grandstand view.

4th January 2009, Sunday

Then and now 9

Some further photo’s showing the extent of change on the Dungeness shingle beach, this time Dungeness Point in 1946. The most obvious change is the extent of superbly vegetated ridges where the power station is now.

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28th October 2008, Tuesday

Channelled Wrack


Pelvetia canaliculata is a seaweed that grows on hard substrates on very sheltered to moderately exposed upper shores.  Here it is growing on old wooden groynes near the mouth of the river Rother. It’s very tolerant of drying out and can survive for up to eight days out of water. Some of this seaweed spends up to 90 per cent of the time out of water.

20th September 2008, Saturday

Deadly Necklace


Before reading Cliff’s note today I was out on the shore enjoying the sunshine and extremely low tide and found a furrow in the wet intertidal sand being made by a Necklace Shell (bottom right). I presumed it was hunting for its next victim. (I’m pleased Barry found this, because I had no pictures of one, and a search on Google produced only one tiny image! Cliff)

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