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12th August 2011, Friday

Harbour Porpoise

This small Harbour Porpoise was found on the shore at Winchelsea Beach last evening. It was freshly dead and measured about 1 metre, a lot less than the adult size of 1.8m. Read the rest of this entry »

28th June 2009, Sunday



This animal was found dead on the shore this morning – half way between Winchelsea Beach and the Mary Stanford Lifeboat House.

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4th January 2009, Sunday

Then and now 9

Some further photo’s showing the extent of change on the Dungeness shingle beach, this time Dungeness Point in 1946. The most obvious change is the extent of superbly vegetated ridges where the power station is now.

There is also the present-day grid of tracks to the east coast which are the “beach feeding roads”. One of the consequences Read the rest of this entry »