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2nd October 2011, Sunday

Rye Harbour Moths

Despite the warm weather it has been pretty quiet in the Lime Kiln moth trap of late, so it was a nice surprise when I came across a Dewick’s Plusia (Macdunnoughia confusa) while emptying the trap this morning. This species is a relatively uncommon vagrant from the continent, with only a few records a year annually. The last time I saw it here was in 2008 (when there were two) and overall this is only the fifth reserve record. Nice moth.
Dewick’s Plusia – this particular individual was trapped at Lime Kiln Cottage in 2006.

28th September 2011, Wednesday

Hummingbird Hawk Moths

Today I had 3 of the above in my Winchelsea garden. We’ve had them every year around about this time, but never 3 at the same time! Report by Robbie Gooders

15th September 2011, Thursday

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

One at lavender in my garden in Rye today.

14th September 2011, Wednesday

Pale Eggar


According to Colin Pratt’s excellent 3 volume book on Butterflies and Moths of Sussex, the Pale Eggar has a patchy distribution and the maps show few records from the east. This specimen was one of the few moths caught in my Robinson trap near Staplecross last night.

1st September 2011, Thursday

Privet hawkmoth caterpillars

Two privet hawkmoth caterpillars were found this week in a neighbours garden in Northiam, defoliating a garden shrub, Spiraea.

Privet hawkmoth catterpillars

31st July 2011, Sunday

Rye Harbour Moths

A good selection of moths have turned up in the Lime Kiln Moth trap in the last weeks or so. This has included the first of the years Pigmy Footman, Rosy-streaked Knot-horn and Starry Pearl, and as might be expected with all the caterpillars we saw earlier on in the year, there has been a good show of Pale Grass Eggar, with up to 10 in the trap. In addition, the closely related Oak Eggar has also put in an appearance, with a fine male this morning.
Oak Eggar male
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29th June 2011, Wednesday

Rye Harbour Moths

The warm, relatively still nights which came with the improved weather have shown a marked increase in the number of moths in the light trap at Lime Kiln, with a peak of around 70 species in the trap on Tuesday morning (28th). Highlight were a couple of Small Marbled (Eublemma parva), a migrant species which has not been seen at Rye Harbour for over 10 years. This species is normally resident in southern Europe and North Africa, reaching as far as central Asia but turns up in Britain every so often as a migrant.
Small Marbled
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1st June 2011, Wednesday

Toadflax Brocade

Toadflax Brocade
Trapped in my garden in Hastings, Toadflax Brocade is a Red Data Book species.
Graham Barker by e-mail

31st May 2011, Tuesday

Getting the Goat

Highlight in the Lime Kiln moth trap this morning was this Goat Moth (Cossus cossus). This is the first one I have seen and the first adult recorded on the reserve for over 10 years (though Sam had some larvae at Castle Water in 2008 – see here). As you can gather from this, larvae live in galleries in deciduous trees and may take several years to develop. The name itself comes from the larva which apparently smells like goat!
Goat Moth

5th May 2011, Thursday

Brede High Wood moths

Bluebell Conch
On a recent walk to Brede High Wood I took a photo of a small moth. After researching it, I found that it is a Bluebell ConchHysterophora maculosana I have talked to Patrick Roper and Colin Pratt both Sussex experts, about this moth and they have confirmed the name for me. There are only 4 records for it during the 21st century in Sussex. This picture, as pointed out by Patrick could be special due to the fact that it seems to be the only picture about that has the moth on the food plant.
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