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19th July 2010, Monday

RSPB Dungeness sightings

The white-tailed plover is still on site and seen most frequently around the ARC pits.  At the same location, two wood sandpipers have been seen today.  The great white egret is also still on the Denge Marsh and the purple heron chicks were seen for the first time over the weekend.  It is not possible to say how many are present but it appeared to be at least two individuals.  We are expecting the oldest chicks to fledge shortly.

13th July 2010, Tuesday

RSPB Dungeness sightings

An incredibly rare white-tailed plover is currently making its home around the ARC pits and some excellent, close views have been provided from the viewing screen over the past three days.  This bird has been seen recently in Rainham and at Slimbridge but has so far remained at Dungeness for a longer period of time and will hopefully continue to do so for some time to come.  Having now been on site for a week, the great white egret can also occasionally be seen in the Denge Marsh and a mediterranean gull has taken up residence on the shingle at the end of the main entrance track.  Whilst the purple herons remain fervently engaged in feeding behaviour, there is still no sign of any fledglings!

9th July 2010, Friday

RSPB Dungeness sightings

The most unusual sighting for this week has been a feeding great white egret seen on the Denge Marsh on 7th and 8th July.  An unusually large flock of nine little egrets were seen flying from the reserve towards Lydd on 8th July.  The purple herons are still regularly seen from the Hooker’s pits viewpoint and Denge Marsh hide with the female having been seen more regularly of late. The bittern is not booming as regularly anymore although flight sightings of two or three a day continue.  Numerous hobbies are seen daily and the Boulderwall kestrel fledglings have now left the nest.  A family party of bearded tits, several cuckoos, marsh harriers and three common tern chicks were also of note.