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17th May 2010, Monday

Reed Warbler OAP

A Reed Warbler was caught yesterday in a local reedbed that had been ringed on the 25 May 2001. The bird had been ringed as a nestling. It is not the oldest Reed Warbler ever found in the UK, that bird was over twelve years old, but considering it has crossed the Sahara each spring and autumn, it is doing very well.

9th May 2010, Sunday

Pett Level

The roadside pools were very quiet mid morning. The two probable reasons were that that it was cold and also the local farmer had just driven around them disturbing most of the wildfowl. There was a trickle of Swift and Swallow moving eastwards and a single male White Wagtail at the water’s edge. The only other birds of note were five Whimbrel that flew in from the sea and settled on the grassland and four Little Tern that flew past over the sea heading eastwards.

7th April 2010, Wednesday

Pannel Valley moths

At last a mild night and time to get the moth trap out and give it a good airing. Expecting a few moths, I was amazed to catch 269 individuals of ten species. As expected for this time of year the commonest three species were Small Quaker, Hebrew Character and Common Quaker but there were single Mottled Grey and Shoulder Stripe to add interest.

7th January 2010, Thursday

Pannel Valley

Thought that it would be worth checking some of the fields that were planted this summer with cover crops. Interestingly the first held about six birds only. Meanwhile the second was full of birds with flocks of 250 Linnet, 120 Reed Bunting and 150 Stock Dove present. Other birds feeding in the field included 30 Wood Pigeon, 60 Chaffinch, 2 Meadow Pipit, 3 Snipe and 3 Yellowhammer.

7th June 2009, Sunday

Pett Pools

Late morning the pools were very quiet with little more than loafing Mallard  and feeding Coot. Close in to the beach there was a seal which was probably a Grey Seal but I only had one quick glance before it disappeared. Another surprise was an albino Starlng in amongst the sheep.

21st May 2009, Thursday

Pett Pools

A nice surprise at Pett Pools this afternoon was a male Garganey. The roadside pool has now been lowered and was also proving attractive to three Little Egret.

30th March 2009, Monday

Pett Level

A quiet half an hour was spent mid morning yesterday at the pools. There were no summer migrants to be seen. A small but steady passage of Linnet were moving eastwards and two Brent Geese also flew in the same direction. Only thirteen Wigeon remained on the pools which also held three feeding Avocet. Later in the morning two Swallow flew northwards up the Pannel Valley.

2nd February 2009, Monday

Pett Level

Well done to the thirty five mad (or keen) people who came on the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve walk around Pett Level on Sunday. Despite the freezing temperature and snow flurries a few birds were spotted. The highlight was the goose flock seen from the parked cars. In addition to Greylag and Canada Geese, there were eighty plus White-fronted, two Brent and a single Bean Goose.

12th January 2009, Monday


As the various postings of the last week or so illustrate, the freezing weather has led to an influx of Bittern into our area. These birds have been easier to see as they struggle to find food, particularly at Rye Harbour and Dungeness. On Sunday one spent the whole day standing in a grassy field in Pett. One has also been observed several times in the Pannel Valley.

29th May 2008, Thursday

Pannel Valley NR Moths

Although there was not a huge catch this morning, several species put in their first appearance for the year. These included Elephant Hawk-moth, Straw Dot, Small Magpie, Burnished Brass and Large Yellow Underwing. Thirty two species were present with Flame Shoulder and Angle Shades being the commonest.