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16th May 2011, Monday

Highlights for the last 3 weeks at Pett

On the 1st May saw good numbers of Br.T.Godwit with 40/50 east over the sea, with a few Whimbrel in with them, and 50/60 in a flock on the marsh, and a further 6 Whimbrel on the marsh. Also on this day I had my first Little Tern, Yellow Wag,Wheatear,Hobby of my year. On the following Sunday 8th May, the only bird of note was a Little Gull (imm) which was hawking on the field behind theWader Pool. There was also 3 Brent Geese on the marsh.This Sunday 15th May Buzzard 2, Hobby 1, Marsh Harrier 1 ( cream head imm) Little Owl 1 (in the usual place on the old sea cliff to the left of the hide) On the whole its been quite slow over the past few weeks, good bird watching Pete.

11th April 2011, Monday

Its been a great few Days

It started on the 7th April, with a sighting of the escaped Golden Eagle which has been reported in the area a few times, in company with a Buzzard, that was in the morning, the same afternoon there was 2 Red Kites over Pear Tree Lane, all seen from my shop door way (in Little Common, Bexhill), but it never stopped there, the next day I had a Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine from the same place.
At Pett on Sunday morning, there was some movement with a number of Blackcaps, Chiff/Chaff, Swallows, Sand Martin, and my earliest Common Swift for years. Waders 13 Avocet, 2 Spotted Redshank.Other birds of interest 2 Buzzard,2 Marsh Harrier, 1Kingfisher. Not a bad few at all, good bird watching Pete.

4th April 2011, Monday

Something to report at last at Pett

April 3rd 2011, Yesterday at Pett, was in the end a good morning, I started off going to Carters Flood, where there was 16 Avocets and 2 Buzzards being the best sightings. So after a couple of hours, I went to the seawall, knowing the tide was on the way up, with high tide at around 11 am. Arriving on the sea wall, the first birds noticed on the sea was the usual 30/40 G.C.Grebes,then after a few minutes, I noticed another grebe that looked different, not far off shore, so the scope came in to use, thank god the light was much,much better than it has been of late, with a prefect R.N.Grebe which was in view for about 5 minutes, before taking wing and flying towards Cliffend, close in to shore. But the morning wasn’t finished yet, with 1 Slavonian Grebe in part summer plumage, on the sea, and 2 Red Kite in the air together,seen from the sea wall, near the pools, but flying over Winchelsea. Good bird watching Pete.

7th March 2011, Monday

Two Sundays at Pett

Sunday 27th Feb & Sunday 6th March 2011. Still good numbers of Wigeon with 2/300 on the pools or around the marsh, no change at all in two weeks, with Shoveler, gadwall, Teal, Mallard in good supply. Seen on the sea, Common Scoters 30, Goldeneye 1 ( drake) and 59 R.T.Divers west all seen on the 27th Feb. with 3Velvet Scoters and 4 Scaup (3 adult drakes, flew eastward), with 200 Brent Geese in two big flocks, the movements only started at high tide, on the 3rd March. Birds of prey over the past two Sundays have been good with 6 Buzzards in the air together on the 27th and 2 on the 3rd, Marsh Harrier one to three birds can be seen, with 2 Peregrines together, roosting on the field behind the pools, also on the 3rd. Other birds of interest 5 Bearded Tit 27th Feb at the pools, and 6 W.F.Geese which flew around the pools and marsh on the 3rd March, Good bird watching Pete.

20th February 2011, Sunday

Easterly movement at Pett

Parked the van near Toot Rock turning, I arrived at 7.15am, and began to walk along the sea wall. The tide was low with sea mist around a mile out, with both Dung and Cliff End covered with mist, which made the birds, fly closer in to shore. There was a cold N.E/E breeze, with over/cast conditions, which made for good light on the seaward side.Brent Geese started moving eastward straight away,with a flock of 50/60 along the tidal edge,with flocks of 1oo or so being the largest, and by the time I left at 12.30pm, (high tide) there had been a grand total of 733,along 13 Barnacle Geese (they spent sometime on the beach, along with 16 Brent,at waters edge) Between these sightings, the most odd sighting was of three geese coming in head on with only the light forewing showing, and at first I thought they were Graylag until they turned side ways on, where they turned out to be 3 Egyptian Geese they also spent sometime on the beach before moving off east. Also moving over the sea 40 Wigeon, 5 Gadwall, 2 Pintail, 2 Goldeneye, 1 R.B.Merganser, there was again a nice size flock of Velvet Scoters with 16, and a party 6 Eider ( all adult drakes) which moved west early in the morning, and east again later in the morning. Other sightings over the sea 50/60 Gannet,40/50 R.T.Diver(with alot on the sea) 3 Little Gull(adult) west. On the pools and marsh there is still large numbers of wildfowl to see. Gulls are also in good numbers on the marsh, the best of which, 3 Med Gulls adult on the pools. Good bird watching Pete.

13th February 2011, Sunday

Between the showers

Not much going on, with alot of the numbers of wildfowl already moved on, there is still 200/300 Wigeon on the pools and the fields east of the pools. Most of the sightings were on the sea, with a good supply or movement mainly in a westerly direction, of Gannets, R.T.Divers, Razorbills, with some Guillemots in with them. Common Scoters were in much better numbers then they have been for most of the winter, with at least 100/150 moving about the bay, and 10/12 Velvet Scoters could be seen on the sea just out from the pools. The G.C.Grebe numbers also have dropped right off, to where it was hard to find any at all, with the rough sea. The best sighting for me any way was 3 Med Gulls (all adults birds, but all having different amounts of black on the head), they were seen with hundreds of BL.H.Gull,Commom Gull roosting on, or at the sides of the pools. Good bird watching Pete.

24th January 2011, Monday

More Trains at Pett than at Hastings station

Sightings seen from the sea wall on the 16th and the 23rd January 2010. It was around 7.45 am when I  got to Pett Pools on the 16th, the wind was a direct southerly force 4/5 in stenght, the sea was rough, but not to bad for sea watching, with the over-cast conditions the light was good for sea watch, and for a change the birds never let the good conditions down. Between 8am and 9am there was 1500/2000 auks moving in a westerly direction,  sometimes with 4/5 trains  seen together, and 3/4 in depth, and also more coming off the sea to join them, most of the in shore birds were Razorbill with the Guillemots flying further out to sea,also with them were 40/50 Gannets, 6/800 Kittiwake,10 Fulmar, 3/400 R.T.Diver,9 B.T.Diver and 2 Eiders on the sea ( 1st year males). Another unusual count was over  300 Cormorants roosting on the banks of the most eastern pool. This Sunday there was still very large numbers of Auks, but this week they seem to be keeping in the bay, not like last week. This weeks high light was when Cliff counted 2000 G.C.Grebes at high tide. There is still W.Fronts and 2 pale bellied Brent Geese on the marsh. Good bird watching Pete.
PS: 39 Whitefronts this morning (Tues), 2 Barnacle, 4 Brents (2 each of dark & light) Cliff Dean

4th January 2011, Tuesday

Large Numbers in the Bay

Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd January 2011. Arrived at Pett around 7.45am on Sunday, with the tide high around 9am, the sea was like a mirror hardly a ripple at all on it. There was large numbers of G.C.Grebe (with the largest numbers on the Monday when Cliff counted nearly 1300), but the best happening, which lasted most of the morning was the movement of R.T.Divers, where there was a very heavy passage east with at least 1500/2000, which would be under estimated if  anything, with 5 B.T.Divers in a flock, also moving east. We had 400+ R.T.Divers in 10/15 minutes at one point. There is still large numbers of Waders and Wildfowl on the marsh, which are best seen at high tide. There were a good selection of dark, light bellied Brent and what with the Black Brent and the 130 Barnacle in a flock, this may not be seen again, you may have to wait a long time, before you see this sight again if ever. Happy New Year, and good bird watching Pete.

27th December 2010, Monday

A Wildfowl Day

I arrived at Pett Pools at 7.30am, but it was still a bit dark to see anything, so I took the chance to go to Scotney for a change, where there were huge numbers of Wigeon, everywhere plus W.Front., Greylag, Barnacle Geese. Other birds of note there were 3 Marsh Harrier, Peregrine Falcon.From there I went to look for some swans, and I was very surprized to find my biggest herd of Bewick Swans I’ve ever seen with 120/140,also very large numbers of Redwing and Fieldfare in the bushes along the lane side between Lydd and Rye. I arrived back at Pett around 10am. There was around 30/40 Brent Geese on the marsh,( Winchelsea end) with 9/10 light bellied. There was at least 5,000 Wigeon at the pools. I was watching from the van, when Cliff told me about R.B.G. After that we braved the muddy footpath to get good views of our first Red B.Goose with the W.F.Geese . Also seen 50 Barnacle Geese flew over the pools in the afternoon. Good bird watching and a Happy New Year Pete.

12th December 2010, Sunday


Waxwing at Pett Level by James Tomlinson
Went looking for the Waxwings and after about 2 hours, they put in there appearance, with about 40/50 birds flying to feed briefly, before flying off again. The marsh was quite lively with about 1500 Wigeon, 50 Gadwall, 60 Shoveler, 50 Teal with 35 Tufted Duck, 10 Pochard on the pools, and a better sized raft of Common Scoters 100  on the sea. Geese were in good supply with 6 Barnacle, 17 Brent (with 6 light bellied and 11 dark) 100 Canada Geese, 10 White Fronted, and 60 Greylags. There was 2 Marsh Harrier ( both cream heads), a young Merlin was at the pools, and I hope it soon gets to catch its prey it goes after soon because if it doesn’t it will starve, this is third week, that I have watch it, and it hasn’t caught any thing yet. Good bird watcthing and a Merry Christmas Pete.