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17th January 2011, Monday


Two Bittern were doing a poor job at hiding today at castle water, climbing up to a metre up the reeds and flying from patch to patch- even sharing the small patch in front of the hide amicably for ten minutes or so!


Apart from that there were good numbers of Shoveler and Teal with everything else making do as most of the islands are submerged after the recent rains.

10th January 2011, Monday

Goosander in the Gloom


A couple of Goosander were giving a good show in the dwindling light at Castle Water this afternoon. They slowly came in very close to the hide but by that time were in the gloomy shadows, my best shot was from a distance but a bit better lit.

21st November 2010, Sunday

Urchins Galore

Taking a walk down the strand line today I came across quite a few deceased urchins.  The pile below was gathered from just a metre or two on the beach so there must have been thousands in total.  I believe they are the Green sea Urchin, Psammechinus miliaris, apparantly common to all of Britain’s coasts but probably not frequently seen to this extent on dry(ish) land.

Psammechinus miliaris

27th October 2009, Tuesday

Doomed pupa

About a week ago I noticed this attractive Painted Lady chrysalis on a wall.  Its bright golden colourings made it very obvious, as well as its location well away from any vegetation.  Luckily it has managed to avoid the attention of any birds so far.

But then this morning I spotted two wasp visitors Read the rest of this entry »

4th April 2006, Tuesday


Our native amphibians are very active now, despite the cold weather. Today at Castle Water there were Great Crested Newts displaying and laying eggs (in the picture I think she is folding the leaves with hind legs while laying an egg). The Marsh Frogs, introduced from Hungary in 1930’s, are only occasionally seen in early Spring, and will not be calling for a few more weeks yet.
Female Great Crested Newt