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29th March 2005, Tuesday

Footlands wood

At Footlands wood a male Willow warbler was in full song, along with 4 Chiffchaffs accompanied by 2 non singing chiffchaffs. Also in the area, 2 Canada geese flew South, a redpoll was busy displaying, 1 Ls-sp woodpecker was calling, a small flock of 4 Siskins were pairing up, a Grey wagtail was seen, and a male Yellowhammer was singing next to the car park.
Rather worryingly no Blackcaps were noted, I’ve not seen any at all this spring, anywhere, hopefully they’re just late as a few are normally on territory by now.

29th March 2005, Tuesday

BND at Galley hill

A Bottle nosed dolphin swam E off Galley hill at 13.49 about 100 ft offshore. It appeared quiet a large animal and wasn’t going anywhere fast.
The only other sighting was 6 chaffinches flying E.

28th March 2005, Monday

Galley hill sea watch

A half hour sea watch this afternoon produced a male velvet scoter flying E, a Sandwich tern resting on a bouy, a Cormorant fishing and 6 LBB gulls loafing.

28th March 2005, Monday

tree pipit

A Tree pipit flew E over Fairlight place farm this morning, there was very little else on the move but 16 Meadow pipits, 2 Mallards and a White wagtail were noted. 2 greylag geese made an impressive sight as they flew S low over the fields.
There were 2 snipe in the fields and a couple of Skylarks were singing.
An early Willow warbler was calling amongst 3 recently arrived Chiffchaffs, the Goldfinch flock has increased slightly, from 6 to 9.
Most interesting though was the discovery of 2 Tree sparrows roosting in one of the hedgerows.

23rd March 2005, Wednesday

house martins

2 house martins were over warren glen this morning, also present were 7 chichaffs (2 ringed) and a continental song thrush.
2 pintail flew down the glen and landed on the sea and a curlew flew E.
Also in the glen there was a lovely male adder and a slow worm was at warren cottage.

19th March 2005, Saturday

ringing at fairlight place farm

A few birds were caught at the farm this morning, the first migrant Chiffchaff of the year was a nice find.

Chiffchaff - Fairlight Place Farm

Other than that there were single Long-tailed tit, Blackbird and Great tit with 2 wrens and 2 re-trapped Dunnocks.
Also noted were a Sand martin , 2 redwings, 6 fieldfare, 2 other chiffchaffs, 4 skylark flew N, along with 20 Meadow pipits with a flock of 15 in the fields, a Grey heron and 3 goldcrests.
Also of note a pirate spider was found and at Warren cottage the first 2 slow worms were noted.

16th March 2005, Wednesday

warren glen

At Warren glen this morning 2 wheatears were obviously new arrivals, as were single Blackcap and chiffchaff.
A nice flock of 14 redwings were in the hedgerow, a woodcock was flushed from the ringing rides and the Raven was seen again, heading West at 07.30.

14th March 2005, Monday

little stint

A Little stint was flushed from the dyke on glyne gap marsh this morning, also 17 Snipe were seen.
A male cettis warbler was singing constantly, looks like he’s going to try again here this year.
Other than that fairly quiet, best was probably 7 Reed buntings.

12th March 2005, Saturday

Nocturnal passage

At Glyne gap between mid-night and 02.00am there was a very strong nocturnal passage of Redwings, not surprisingly the main counts occured between the heavy showers when there was a constant stream of calls, but some birds were even moving through during the rain, which is a little unusual, it will be interesting to see if there are any grounded migrants around today. It is hard to tell how many birds were involved in this movement but an estimate of about 3000 would seem to be an absolute minimum.
All birds were heading east.

10th March 2005, Thursday

Galley hill seawatch

A sea-watch from Galley hill for 1&1/2hrs this morning produced some interesting sightings. With fog offshore we either seem to get lots or the birds miss this stretch of coastline completely. With only 31 Brents being seen the latter seems to have been the case, but this was followed by a superb flock of 64 Shoveller flying East, this is my largest ever single flock of this species seen on passage here. Also moving East were 81 BH Gulls, 6 LBB, and 3 Common gulls.
There were 2 Common scoters flying W, and offshore there were 2 adult summer plumaged Med’ Gulls, 6 GCG, and 1 RTD.
The male Black redstart feeding on the cliffs was probably a new arrival and 2 Chaffinches came in off and flew E.