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17th August 2011, Wednesday

Adonis’ Ladybird

Out and about in Peasmarsh was a bit of a surprise today first I found an adult Adder sunning itself in an area I have not seen them before. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo as by the time I had organised myself it slid off into the bushes. However a short time later I found a small group of Adonis’ Ladybird (Hippodamia variegata) They were amongst a group of 7 spot ladybirds and I very nearly missed them. They are a first for me.

13th August 2011, Saturday


A few weeks ago I found a very small weevil in the woods at Peasmarsh. I couldn’t get a decent photo before I lost it and so I have been keeping an eye open for it. Today I was successful and found a pair mating. I believe they are Curculio sp. possibly C. betulae or C. rubidus.
UPDATE from Ispot: Have compared to specimens and they’re clearly a match for Curculio rubidus (Nationally Scarce (Nb)). C. betulae is similar but would show a much longer rostrum. Both birch species.

8th July 2011, Friday


After the showers today a short walk in Malthouse wood (near Peasmarsh) revealed a few colourful nymphs of the Bronze Shieldbug (Troilus luridus, above) and a good number of Red Legged Shieldbugs (Pentatoma rufipes). The coppicing carried out during the winter and autumn seems to have attracted a good variety of insects.

29th June 2011, Wednesday


A few butterflies were showing themselves in Bixley Wood this morning including, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Small Skipper and this rather beautiful White Admiral.

15th May 2011, Sunday

Thistle Gall Fly

Thistle Gall Fly
The swollen stems of thistles (galls) made by the larvae of the thistle gall fly are quite a common site but until yesterday I had never seen the fly – a Tephritidae species Urophora cardui. Yesterday I finally found the adult fly whilst I was walking around Beckley woods.

13th April 2011, Wednesday


Abia sericea
Yesterday afternoon I found this rather impressive sawfly in my Peasmarsh Garden. I believe it to be a Cimbicidae species possibly Abia sericea. I haven’t seen one before but whilst trying to identify it I found that I had a photo of a Abia sericea larva in my unidentifed box since last year from Beckley Woods.

19th March 2011, Saturday

Peasmarsh Ladybirds

Eyed Ladybird
A walk today around Peasmarsh revealed considerable numbers of 7-spot Ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) I counted well over 50 and a couple of Pine Ladybirds (Exochomus quadripustulatus) but the best for me was an Eyed Ladybird (Anatis ocellata). I have found one larva of the eyed ladybird before but this was my first adult. There were a few Comma butterflies about as well.

12th November 2010, Friday

A spring day in November

Orange Peel fungus
A walk in the woods this morning in the Beckley area revealed some surprises. A slow-worm crawling across the path, dog violet, primrose and bugle in flower. There were a number of fungi around including two areas where I found Orange Peel fungus (Aleuria aurantia). I don’t think it needs much explanation for its common name.

30th October 2010, Saturday

Gorse Shieldbugs

The sun today brought out the Gorse Shieldbugs (Pizodorus lituratus) along the track to the farm at Rye Harbour. I counted about 10.

9th August 2010, Monday

Ugly Fly

‘Ornithomya avicularia’
Sam posted a rather attractive fly recently, now perhaps I can post a rather less attractive looking fly. I believe it’s a ‘Hippoboscidae’ species possibly ‘Ornithomya avicularia’. It is a parasite fly found on birds but in this case found on my wife after a spot of gardening in Peasmarsh…