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16th April 2012, Monday

Harvestman with spiky crown

Megabunus diadema
I found this young opilione (harvestman) last week in the local Malthouse Wood, Peasmarsh, crawling down a silver birch. Apart from the excellent camouflage against the tree, it was only luck I saw it whilst looking at something else, when I got to load the picture onto my computer I noticed the spiky crown. It could be Megabunus diadema – on the web it has a description given as ‘Its prominent pair of eyes is equipped with a spiny “crown”‘. For a close up Read the rest of this entry »

14th April 2012, Saturday

Peasmarsh insects

Common Ground Hoppers (above, Tetrix undulata), Dark Edged Bee flies and Dotted bee flies were about today in the recently coppiced woodland in Peasmarsh along with Brimstone, Peacock and my first sighting for the year of both male and female Orange tip.

23rd March 2012, Friday

Tephritis Species

Another interesting find this week was this small fly, a ‘Tephritis’ species sunning itself on my back wall. I thought it maybe is a T. leontidis although more others have helpfully suggested it could also be T. conura or T. ruralis. All these are scarce so I will pursue enquires to see if it can be identified from a photo.

19th March 2012, Monday

Pot Beetle

I found this rather interesting larva emerging from its ‘pot’. It was one of a considerable number all emerging a few days ago on fence posts around woodland in Peasmarsh. I have often seen the sealed ‘pots’ and wondered what they were. I had thought they might just be splats of mud. Ispot has revealed it as a larva of a species of ‘Crytocephalus’ (a pot beetle). All I have do now though is work out which of the 20 or so British species it is.

5th February 2012, Sunday

Garden birdwatching

The weather led to me birdwatch through the back door today. The snow brought good number of the regulars into my small Peasmarsh garden searching desperately for food. Then there were some not so regular visitors. There were about six Redwings feeding most all day on the cotoniasta and pyracantha berries. There was even a female Reed Bunting which I have only seen once or twice before in the garden but then there was this splendid male Blackcap.

27th December 2011, Tuesday

Winter blooms

The primroses are still in bloom and there are buds just opening. They have now been in flower in the same small spot continually since October. Unless we have some cold weather to kill off the flowers they will be blooming well into January. Also found a couple of ragged robin blooms and more white dead nettle today

27th November 2011, Sunday


Despite the colder weather there were still a few shieldbugs today and I found a Bronze Shieldbug (Troilus luridus – above) in Malthouse Wood sunning itself on a silver birch and yesterday I found a Green Shieldbug nymph (Palomena prasina) on a fence post around the same wood.

14th October 2011, Friday

Peasmarsh jumping spider

It was a nice sunny day for a short walk through the woods in Peasmarsh today. The brighter weather brought out quite a number of species of insects and spiders including this attractive little jumping spider Pseudeuophrys lanigera.

6th October 2011, Thursday

False Ladybird

It is not difficult to see why this beetle Endomychus coccineus is often called the False Ladybird Beetle. I found it on a rotting log in Malthouse woods, Peasmarsh.

29th September 2011, Thursday


I spent a quiet hour or so in the sun today at Pett Level just opposite Toot Rock. There was not much happening a few gulls and a few terns fishing and then this Guillemot slowly passed by close in shore without a care for those persons who had chosen to take a swim.