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14th June 2012, Thursday


Walking along several of the footpaths of the beach reserve and Rye Harbour farm is likely to bring you within mobbing range of many birds. Their alarm calls and constant flying around means you are disturbing their chicks. They need all the help they can, so please don’t stay too long. Most likely species are Avocet, Lapwing, Redshank and Ringed Plover, but any alarming bird should tell you to move away. Read the rest of this entry »

13th June 2012, Wednesday

What happened next?

Nature is cruel and everything is food for something else and watching a hunter hunting is fascinating. I could not resist a rare sunny afternoon to sit in the Parkes hide at Ternery Pool and watch the magnificent lesser black-backed gulls patrolling and looking for wayward and unprotected black-headed gull chicks. So, you know what to expect if you click on… Read the rest of this entry »

13th June 2012, Wednesday

Sea Ducks

A moulting male eider has been around the river mouth for a few days, but has been difficult to view because of the contractors, but today it was swimming close along the shore. A long way offshore were a 100+ common scoter and a few fishing gannets. A summer plumage spotted redshank flew over the beach reserve. Last night the adult roseate tern roosted at the quarry.

12th June 2012, Tuesday

English Star

No, not a footballer, but a small flowering plant that can be found on the dry crest of many of the old shingle ridges south of Camber Castle. English Stonecrop is a delightful plant, once you get down on your hands and knees.
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10th June 2012, Sunday

Every cloud…

The extremely windy weather of the last few days has washed up tens of thousands of common starfish along the shore. This is providing easy pickings for the large gulls that can pull them to pieces and swallow them. This could benefit the other seabirds if it reduces the large gull appetite for eggs and chicks, but the little terns are not taking any chances and chase all the big gulls away from their colony… Read the rest of this entry »

7th June 2012, Thursday

Storm ahead

hobby waiting for summer
Many animals are going to have a tough time over the next few days with the weather forecast to be wet and windy. Hobbys will struggle to find any large insects, terns may struggle to catch fish in stormy seas and wader chicks need to feed themselves and keep warm and dry (but not oystercatchers that feed their chicks). The invertebrates should be able to hide away for a few days until summer returns after the weekend…

6th June 2012, Wednesday

Wildlife Festival

This year’s RX Wildlife Festival is on now and events can be viewed by clicking here. It includes a Bee Festival at Dungeness that includes information about the recent re-introduction of the short-haired bumblebee.

6th June 2012, Wednesday

Colour ringed oystercatcher

This bird was first ringed on 23 Nov 1994 at Totton, Southampton Water, Hampshire then re-trapped and re-ringed on 30 December 2000 at Marchwood, Southampton Water and colour-ringed. It has been seen at Rye Harbour breeding in May 2010, July 2011 and June 2012. So this bird is close to 20 years old (or older) let’s hope it keeps coming for some years to come. Its territory is right next to the new saltmarsh creek at Lime Kiln Cottage, so it’s easy to see.

5th June 2012, Tuesday

Ternery Pool…

roseate tern
… lived up to its reputation this morning and delivered two excellent birds. An adult roseate tern and an immature little gull. As is often the case the tern was wearing a ring on each leg and is best located in amongst thousands of other terns and gulls by hearing its harsh call.
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4th June 2012, Monday

Yellow Ridges

bird’sfoot trefoil
As a follow up to Red Ridges the flowers are now turning the shingle ridges yellow.
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