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30th January 2012, Monday

Beachcombing and Beach Surveys

The beachcombing has been pretty cold so far this month but some interesting finds….

Mermaid purses – the usual thornback (ravioli), lesser spotted catfish (dogfish), lots of undulate (larger than the others) and blonde (larger ravioli!),
Green Sea Urchins from Pett Level to Rye Harbour – from the December storms,
Common Otter shells (large like freshwater mussels),
Many cockle shells of a particular size – again washed up from December storms,
Many balloons and ribbons – from Norman’s Bay to Camber,
Plastic nurdles from Camber Sands, – click here and here.
Rubber cheerios!
Lots of footwear too!

If anyone wants to keep up to date with the beachcombing finds I am still tweeting (!) (Andy Dinsdale @Strandliner)
The next beach surveys are next weekend. Rye Harbour Saturday 4th February and Pett Level Sunday 5th February. Pass on to others who may be interested. Lucy will be at Rye Harbour and I will be at Pett Level. For more info click here. to We will aim to have refreshments too! Wrap up warm and bring gloves.

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3rd March 2010, Wednesday

A very low tide…

It may have been one of the lowest low tides for the next 5 years, but the east wind made it oh so cold! In a short walk to the sea at Pett Level a small sea urchin test (Psammechinus miliaris?) and brittlestars (Ophiura albida) were found – below.

3rd January 2010, Sunday

Beach Litter Surveys

The winter beach litter surveys will be

  • Sat Feb 6th Rye Harbour 10am
  • Sun Feb 7th Pett Level 10am
  • Short sections of these beaches will be surveyed and the marine rubbish removed. This is part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Adopt-a-Beach project and is supported locally by Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. For more information click here. These winter surveys can produce higher amounts of marine debris due to the winter storms, and strange items can be found. The oddest nationally is a glass eye! Click here for more items. If you will be able to come along to one or other of these events please email me – If you know of others who would like to take part then please pass on this info. I shall provide some refreshments on the day. As well as the obligatory paperwork(!).