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25th November 2010, Thursday

Public Inquiry

Many residents believe the Lydd Airport “issue” has died because of the lack of press coverage. This is far from the case. A public inquiry will start on February 15th, 2011 and last at least 6 weeks. The Lydd Airport Action Group has a leaflet aimed at non-member residents to encourage them to contribute towards the legal costs of the public inquiry. Click here for Lydd Airport leaflet

See also the RSPB work on this issue by clicking here.

29th June 2010, Tuesday


Sam Smith is to be congratulated. Firstly by discovering the 94th Red Data Book species at Rye Harbour and secondly for posting his 1,000th account on this website. Well done and keep it up – I and many others find your photos and words of great interest.

24th June 2010, Thursday

Lydd airport called in for public enquiry

Click here for more information.

16th June 2010, Wednesday

Swallow success

Turtle Doves may be struggling, but our Swallows are doing their best. Six youngsters is the most we’ve ever had in the fifteen years they have been breeding in our stable.

Ron Nash and Dorothy Norman (Wittersham)

3rd March 2010, Wednesday

Bumblebee project talk

From New Zealand to the UK; the return of the short haired bumblebee. Is the title of a talk by Dr Nikki Gammans to be given at RSPB Dungeness on 13th March @ 3-4pm. Please reserve your seat on 01797 320588 or e-mail Find out more about the project here.

20th January 2010, Wednesday

Hide at Castle Water

I had a very interesting 3 hours at the hide yesterday. The Bittern was giving fantastic views as it walked from the reeds on the left right through to the reeds on the right and back again over course of my time there. At the same time another was in full view ‘feeding’ over the far bank. Also present were 2 male Smew and 4 females and 1 Scaup. Marsh Harriers giving good views also.

Ray Barry by e-mail

2nd January 2010, Saturday

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21st December 2009, Monday

A Winter Snack

Yesterday morning the “Sunday Walkers” were sitting in the hide at Castle Water (enjoying our customary tea and biscuits/cake) when we spotted a couple of Carrion Crows feeding on something. Closer examination revealed it was a rabbit, on which a stoat was also feeding. Presumably the stoat had killed the rabbit. A female Marsh Harrier then landed nearby and seemed to take no notice for several minutes. She then decided it was her turn and chased off the stoat and Crows, which kept trying to get back in on the action, only to be chased off again by the Harrier. Stunning views of the male Smew as well helped make it a memorable visit to Castle Water.
Michael Prince by e-mail

1st January 2009, Thursday

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Here is a little puzzle of five jumbled Rye Bay seabirds… with answers tomorrow.

Advert Dried Other……….Red-throated Diver

Come Corn Most……….Common Scoter

Macro Torn……….Cormorant

Multi Ogle……….Guillemot

Beggar Desert Erect……….Great Crested Grebe

1st September 2008, Monday

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