ABOUT RXwildlife

This website features all the latest wildlife news and events from the coast covered by the RX fishing boat registration – which can be seen on the shore at Hastings and Dungeness and in the Harbour of Rye.
RX6 fishing boat
A fishing boat in Rye Bay showing the RX registration.

Location map showing road and rail links
Location map showing road and rail links

This includes sites such as Combe Haven Valley, Glyne Gap, Hastings Country Park, Brede High Woods, Flatropers Wood, Pett Level, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, Camber Dunes & Pits, RSPB Dungeness Nature Reserve and Dungeness Bird Observatory. On the map below the areas in green are those designated by Natural England as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

RXWildlife Area Map

The site features wildlife news that can be viewed by category (see left column) as well as listings for all the wildlife and conservation events for the area.

Links to local wildlife websites and other useful links can be found in the left hand column or by clicking here.

Prostrate Broom at Dungeness

You can submit your observations through one of the wildlife e-groups listed or by e-mailing Andy Phillips or Barry Yates.