Some fine weather at last!

26th June 2012, Tuesday

Insect numbers have certainly been better the last couple of days, and I have noticed an upturn in the number of species in the Lime Kiln moth trap after what can only be decribed as a dismal start. Highlights have been bordered ermel, oblique striped and rosy wave, while easily the most photogenic (in my opinion anyway) is Catoptria pinella, a rather attractive micro with larvae that feed on various grasses growing in damp habitats.
Catoptria pinella

Another interesting insect which I have come aross in the last few days is the wharf-borer (Nacerdes melanura). This beetle gets its name from the fact that it’s larvae feeds in wet wood, often on the timbers of wharves. The adult resembles the common soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva , but is actually closely related to the thick-legged flower beetle There have been very few records of this species for Rye Harbour so it was nice to find three underneath an old railway sleeper on Flat Beach.