What a surprise

13th June 2012, Wednesday

My S.O.S News letter arrived by post this morning, and I started reading it,when I came to the heading Those Hastings Rarities again, so I   wondered what was happening now? When I came across my late brothers name looking back at me!, Alf Davis, and the story about the Wallcreeper he had seen at Ecclesbourne Glen ( which I missed as well), for a moment I was back there, I was thinking where we would go birding at the weekend, normally Pett and Rye. And lunch time in The Conqueror Pub in Rye Harbour, where we would meet up with the other local birders, Neil,Tim,Bob,Pat and Mary and many others who ever else was around at the time. Alf was a great laugh and even a better friend brother also my mentor, he got me interested in Wildlife, but birds was his main interest. It started off when we were young ( he was five years older than me) with The Observers Book of Birds, we use to test one another on what birds were what. They were good days, but sadly all gone, never to return, but memories are still very sharpe. So thankyou Pat for writing that report in the newsletter, and Pat you never said that was the second sighting of a Wallcreeper more or less in the same place, the first one was in The Hastings Rarities era. I hope to report on bird sightings soon when I see something to report, good bird watching Pete Rouse