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7th June 2012, Thursday

Familar place to rest

The Black-headed Gull youngster is now four weeks old and making small flights around nesting area, the ties to the nest site are still strong though and the best place to take a rest. You can see how far the chick has come, the second picture shows the chick only a few days old and on its own at the nest.


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7th June 2012, Thursday

Storm ahead

hobby waiting for summer
Many animals are going to have a tough time over the next few days with the weather forecast to be wet and windy. Hobbys will struggle to find any large insects, terns may struggle to catch fish in stormy seas and wader chicks need to feed themselves and keep warm and dry (but not oystercatchers that feed their chicks). The invertebrates should be able to hide away for a few days until summer returns after the weekend…