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3rd June 2012, Sunday

More dragonflies

At Castle Water since last monday Emperor and Black-tailed Skimmer have been emerging. Adults of both species are on the wing during sunny periods and are easily found patrolling the margins at the northern end of Castle Water. The viewpoint is probably the best place to see Downy Emerald, while the ditch on the approach to the hide is a good place to watch Hairy Dragonfly and Four-spotted Chaser.


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3rd June 2012, Sunday

Ready Meals

Lesser black-backed gull being mobbed by black-headed gulls and common terns.
If 4,800 black-headed gull chicks (= 3 chicks x 1600 nests) were raised every year we would soon be knee deep in black-headed gulls. The excess of these cute little chicks provide convenient mouthfuls for those species able to get past the combined protection of their parents, relatives and other nesting species such as common terns. We are pretty successful at keeping fox and badger off the islands (wiping out whole islands), but lesser black-backed, herring and Mediterranean gulls (in order of numbers taken) are taking those small chicks that do not hide quick enough. The lesser black backed gulls can take quite large chicks and swallow them whole, in flight, whereas the Meditteranean gulls can only take small chicks and have difficulty in swallowing them!
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