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1st June 2012, Friday

Not quite gone from the Marsh

Yesterday and today I’ve been recce’ing routes around East Guldeford Level, walking tracks along old embankments, across sheep fields and around arable land. As evidence of their great decline, in over 10 miles I found just 2 pairs and 6 other male Yellow Wagtails, 4 Corn Buntings (two pairs?) and a single pair of Tree Sparrows. Even Skylarks were few and far between, and only Reed Warblers and Reed Buntings seem to be holding their numbers. Other wildlife of note included close encounters with a Fox and a Hare, 2 Painted Ladies, 2 Red Admirals and a pair of Mute Swans with 7 cygnets.

1st June 2012, Friday

Flight feathers

The Black-headed Gull youngster has been busy flexing its wing muscles today and showing nicely the developing flight feathers. The precise pattern of the primaries, secondaries, tertials, greater primary coverts and greater secondary coverts can all be seen in the pictures below. The young bird is becoming more adventurous and is already showing the inherent squabbling that it so characteristic of Black-headed Gulls within the breeding colony. See pictures below.


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1st June 2012, Friday

Ex slow-worm

This carrion crow was seen eating this writhing slow-worm, usually a favourite for kestrels!