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25th May 2012, Friday

Castle Water

The warmer weather this week has encouraged a lot more dragon and damselfly activity around the margins and scrubby areas at CastleWater. Highlights at noon included three Downy Emerald patrolling the willows along the footpath north of the viewpoint, several Four-spotted Chaser could be found around the margins at the northern end of the main pit, small numbers of Large Red Damselfly were at the pond at the entrance to the hide. Hairy Dragonfly, Red-eyed and Variable Damselfly could be found around the bramble scrub near the viewpoint.


Four-spotted Chaser

25th May 2012, Friday

Nearly there

The black-headed gull chick that has featured in several posts recently is still going strong and is two weeks old now. It has lost the cute factor now (you can compare with the other chick in the picture which is only a few days old) but it is still in the size range to be an easy meal for any of the larger gull species that frequent the beach reserve.