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20th May 2012, Sunday

Dock Bug

Though still a bit windy and chilly in the open there has definitely been a bit more inveretebrate activity over the last few days compared to previously. One of several species abroad in my garden at Lime Kiln Cottage was this dock bug (Coreus marginatus) a species which unsurprisingly gets its name from the fact that it feed on various docks and sorrells. Common in southern Britain, this is a ‘true bug’ with piercing and sucking mouthparts and relatives of this species which occur in America can be a pests of squash plants. Consequently one of the umbrella names for the groups of insects to which this species belongs is ‘squash bugs’
Dock bug

20th May 2012, Sunday


Lapwing are trying to squeeze in a late nesting attempt after the cool wet May. They haven’t got much time because they will start their annual moult soon and the large moulting flocks usually start building in the first week of June. So, as the chicks from the early nesting pairs are about to fledge, there is a flurry of aerobatic display from pairs that failed… best seen all along Rye Harbour Farm. Read the rest of this entry »