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14th May 2012, Monday

More on the downy’s

A search for more signs of Downy Emerald emergence today revealed 8 exuviae and one adult at the point of taking its maiden flight. Trying to find all the exuvia can be a challenge, especially when its only a few spindley legs grasping a sprouting common reed stem showing, as shown in the third picture below.


On the verge of taking maiden flight Read the rest of this entry »

14th May 2012, Monday

Poor Fen

Not a term of commiseration, or criticism, but the name for one of the scarcest habitats in the RX region.
Poor fen habitat
The poor fen communities in the Cladium Pit at Dungeness RSPB reserve are bursting into life at the moment Read the rest of this entry »

14th May 2012, Monday


I have been monitoring one of the Black-headed Gull nests infront of parkes hide at ternery pool. Last thursday and friday three chicks had hatched and were doing well. This morning there is only one chick left and at five days old is growing fast. While I was watching this morning a huge meal of earthworms was brought back to the nest which fed the chick and the brooding adult.