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12th May 2012, Saturday

Squeaky Birds

At Castle Water the background noise is a continuous squeaky sound. It is the begging calls of nestling cormorants demanding to be fed. They peck at the yellow patch around the bill until the adult lets them in… and the chicks head and neck goes right into the parents throat where their fishy meal is waiting.
Listen to the chicks by clicking here.
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12th May 2012, Saturday

Downy Emerald

I can’t believe that it’s been five years since I first found Downy Emerald as a new breeding species of dragonfly at Castle Water. Last year I did not find any exuvia or see any adults on the wing, so thought it was just a  short term thing as the species had been expanding its range in the south east and had just used Castle Water as a stepping stone to find other woodland habitats. While at the viewpoint this morning I checked the margins to see if the sunny weather had encouraged any dragonflies to emerge, and was delighted to find 3 Downy Emerald in the process of emerging and 5 exuviae. Several Hairy Dragonfly and small numbers of Red-eyed Damselfly were also emerging in the margins.


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12th May 2012, Saturday

Rye Harbour

Highlights over the past few days have included 33 Whimbrel and a Spotted Redshank in summer plumage on flat beach, the new saltmarsh area has attracted the first pair of Avocets with chicks (they had to walk a long way too get there), 90 Dunlin, 125 Ringed Plover and a  few Bar-tailed Godwit. This morning at least 54 Avocet and 6 Litte Ringed Plover were spread over several pools on harbour farm, Lapwings with good sized chicks were also present in the fields nearest the barns. At ternery pool Black-headed Gull chicks have started to hatch in good numbers now and are best seen from parkes hide. At Castle Water two or three Hobby have been regular at the viewpoint at day break, Bearded Tit and a Turtle Dove were also of note this morning.


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