8th May 2012, Tuesday

Graeme Lyons, Michael Blencowe and Mat Davidson came over to Rye Harbour yesterday to record a podcast on the reserve. They spent the morning with Barry looking at birds, and then came with me to look at invertebrates. Highlight of the day (and one which I suspect will be diffcult to beat all year) were three male Pellenes tripunctatus, a rare jumping spider only occuring at three places in Britain and only dicovered here last year (actually a year ago today!). We also saw plenty of pale grass eggar caterpillars, and over 30 bombardier beetle!
Pellenes tripunctatus male

Another rare spider which I have found over the last week is the RDB2 money spider Trichopterna cito. This is also a species only occurring at three sites in Britain, with one each in Essex Kent and Sussex. I got particularly excited about this one because I have now seen all the red data book spiders which occur on the reserve, something which I set out to do a couple of years ago. This one is also a male as can be told by the swollen palps (the limbs at the front) and the fact that the head is raised into a mound above the eyes.
Trichopterna cito male