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17th April 2012, Tuesday

Some Spring Insects

Invertebrates seem to have been relatively thin on the ground over the last week – in that time I have seen one butterfly and my moth trap has been notable for its emptiness. However, while checking the fences yesterday I did turn up a few good things crawly wise. The biggest surprise was a knot of 15 Helops caeruleus , a rare ‘darkling’ beetle which I expect to see in small numbers every year, but this gathering was probably more than I have seen in the least two years combined!
Some of the 15 Helops caeruleus found today on the Beach Reserve
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17th April 2012, Tuesday

Rye Harbour

Of note yesterday and today a Cuckoo and 30+ Swallows at the viewpoint, on the Beach Reserve two Litte Tern at the River Mouth and a Cuckoo near the Wader Pool. A dozen Swallows and several House Martins were also lingering near the carpark in the village.