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24th March 2012, Saturday

Short-eared owl

A short-eared owl was present just west of harbour barns at 5.00pm on Friday, by the time I had the camera out it was heading South West towards Dogs Hill being mobbed by gulls. From Andrew Killick by e-mail. [and again this evening!]

24th March 2012, Saturday

Castle Water

Its been a while since I have seen a Bittern, so its was good this morning to see a bird in flight from the viewpoint and hear some first croaky rumblings of some booming,(the quality was poor and can be likened to Pavarotti singing DO-RE-MI in his dressing room before belting out Nessun Dorma on stage). Its important for male Bitterns to get through the winter in good condition as any weight loss will effect the throat muscles and ultimately booming quality. I am  sure after a weeks practice and a few more Rudd we will be hearing quality booming. Also of note over the last few days Bearded Tits have been more obvious than in recent weeks, at least 6 birds were around the viewpoint area this morning, with additional birds in the reedy margins at the northern end of the main pit and near the hide.