Med Gulls continued

28th February 2012, Tuesday

In a recent post Barry appeals for help in reading local colour rings. I already have details of both birds as they have been seen in previous years.

3L56 was ringed on 01 June 2005 in Holland. It wintered in Spain in both 2005 and 2006 before being next sighted in Holland during the summer of 2007. Other sightings have included Isle of Wight and Titchfield Haven before being seen at Pett Level in March 2011, re-appearing at Pett Level  yesterday.

R17X was also ringed in the nest on 01 June 2000 in Holland. It has been read at least 40 times as it wintered in Northern France. On 12-14th March 2011 it was on Pett Level, on the 17th March it was at Hayling Island before being re-sighted at Elms Farm on 26th March 2011 and 27th February 2012.