27th February 2012, Monday

Its been a long time,but there has not been much to report, but it was a better day yesterday, Sunday 26th February 2012. Arrived at 6.40am just after sunrise,with the marsh having quite a heavy frost, the best birds seen were now the usual four Pink.F.Geese, 60 W.F.Geese, and the Bar. H. Goose present with the Graylags, and Canada Geese. There were only 15 Brents left out of 200 or so from last week. The numbers of G.C.Grebes on the sea were much much lower as well as the Wigeon ,well over half the number have disappeared in the past week. Curlew have increased to well over 220, with two Ruff,and two Bl.T.Godwit at the pools. As the tide came up, it brought in five Velvet Scoters . Birds of prey made good viewing with three each of Buzzard and Marsh Harrier. A Peregrine and a S.E.Owl finished off a good mornings sightings. Good birdwatching Pete.