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4th November 2011, Friday

A rare micromoth in Rye?


Today in my trap I found this small moth of the family Tortricidae. Not recognising it, I posted the photo to the ukmicromoths Yahoo group. Majority opinion is that it is Acleris umbrana (a.k.a. Dark-streaked Button), which would be about the sixth Sussex record, all but one since 2006, so it’s another of those very recent colonists from across the Channel to southern coastal counties, nationally rare and proposed as Red Data Book Class 1. BUT, there are similar Acleris that can be highly variable, so closer examination is being arranged to confirm its identity.

4th November 2011, Friday

Change of Event

The next Winter Lecture of the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has changed!
On Saturday 26 November @ 2.30pm @ Winchelsea Beach Community Hall, David Lang will be talking about CHILE, A LONG THIN JOURNEY and not the previously advertised THE FOLKLORE OF PLANTS by Sue Buckingham.