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6th October 2011, Thursday

Shrill carder bee

Shrill carder bees Bombus sylvarum have continued to be found in small numbers on the RSPB reserve throughout the summer.  The most recent sighting I am aware of was by Will George on 17 September 2011 and was of a somewhat darkened individual.  Thanks to Will for allowing use of this link.  There should be a pale band at the front and rear of the thorax (where the wings emerge), separated by a band of black hairs.  In this specimen the darks hairs infiltrate the pale bands, making them difficult to pick out clearly.  Note the orange tail which is typical of this species.

It’s pleasing to note that this very threatened species managed to survive through the breeding season at the RSPB reserve and hopefully means that some queens were produced this year to continue the recolonisation of Romney Marsh in 2012.

6th October 2011, Thursday

False Ladybird

It is not difficult to see why this beetle Endomychus coccineus is often called the False Ladybird Beetle. I found it on a rotting log in Malthouse woods, Peasmarsh.