Highlights from Pett

8th August 2011, Monday

For the last two Sundays, its been hard to see anything of note, but here it goes, on the 31st July, waders were in with my first sighting of 1 Wood Sand ( which was still there on the¬†7th Aug), at least I got to see it this time not like on the 10th July, when I just heard it. BL.T.Godwits, between Carters, marsh and the pools, on the first date, there still 20/30, but by this weekend there was only 6 left at the pools, the maxium number was on the 12th June when I counted 92 on Carters. Green Sands between 2/4 birds at Carters, 1/2 birds at the pools. I’ve only seen singles of Common Sands anywhere at Pett. Other waders seen Dunlin largest number being 4,L.R.Plover 3, Greenshank 1, Whimbrel, and Curlews have built upto around 200. This weekend I counted 98 Sandwich Terns roosting on the bank to the wader pool, which made a great sight. There’s still Little Owl, Buzzards, and Sparrow Hawk ¬†fairly easy to see. Good bird watching Pete