What will we find on the beach this time?

20th July 2011, Wednesday

This weekend two beach surveys are taking place:

These are part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch campaign where up to 400 beaches around the U.K are surveyed for all the marine debris that has found it’s way there.  Generally, rubbish of plastic origin makes up 70% of all litter found, with fishing nets and ropes very common.  Our local beaches have turned up toys from Europe, a water colour painting and even a message in a bottle.

Volunteers join in to scour the beach for all traces of rubbish, attempt to identify it all and send the results off to the Marine Conservation Society to be part of a national report.  It can take 2 to 4 hours recording but we are able to make a short stretch of beach litter free for all, including the marine wildlife too.  All the plastic can be around for thousands if not millions of years and is a deadly hazard for birds, fish, cetaceans, seals and others.

All info about these beach surveys can be found at http://www.mcsuk.org

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has organised the surveys at Rye Harbour on Saturday 23rd July and Pett Level on Sunday 24th July, both starting at 10am .

If anyone would like to join in please can they contact Lucy Balmforth at
lucy.balmforth@eastsussex.gov.uk or 01797 227784 for Rye Harbour surveys, or Andy Dinsdale at dinsdale.woodcote@virgin.net for Pett Level surveys.