More Shingle Spiders

26th June 2011, Sunday

I’ve not had much chance to go spider hunting over the last couple of weeks, but I have come across several interesting species in the course of doing other things. One of the highlights was a fat female Sitticus inexpectus on the saltmarsh below Lime Kiln. I’ve mentioned the striking males several time (see here), but the females are much duller and somewhat dumpier.
Female Sitticus inexpectus

Even better was another jumping spider, a female Pseudeuophrys obsoleta near Wader Pool hide. In Britain this Red Data Book species is somewhat of a shingle specialist, with records confined to the south-east coast (see the National Biodiversity network Gateway map here) but is another one of those species which is fairly widespread on the Beach Reserve at Rye Harbour. Finally I found a male Phaeocedus braccatus (see here) on Flat Beach Ridges, not a hugely rare species (though still nationally notable) but a new one for me!

Female Pseudeuophrys obsoleta