From Little Acorns…

16th May 2011, Monday

Earwigs inside an acorn
I was on a walk with a small group in Brede High Wood when a young lad came over to me with an acorn. Inside were 5 bug like nymphs. He asked “what are they”. I didn’t have a clue. So I took a photo of the acorn and we continued on are way. I have since found out that they are nymphs of the Common Earwig (Forficula auricularia) A pair of forceps-like appendages protrude from the end of the earwig’s abdomen. These appendages are called cerci. The cerci aren’t used as weapons, but they may harmlessly grasp a human hand if handled aggressively. They’re also used to assist in mating, male and female grasping each other, or sometimes to grasp prey. Earwigs have a very broad, omnivorous diet, and feed at night. They eat anything from garden plants, to grass and other insects.