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16th May 2011, Monday

Highlights for the last 3 weeks at Pett

On the 1st May saw good numbers of Br.T.Godwit with 40/50 eastĀ over the sea, with a few Whimbrel in with them, and 50/60 in a flock on the marsh, and a further 6 Whimbrel on the marsh. Also on this day I had my first Little Tern, Yellow Wag,Wheatear,Hobby of my year. On the following Sunday 8th May, the only bird of note was a Little Gull (imm) which was hawking on the field behind theWader Pool. There was also 3 Brent Geese on the marsh.This Sunday 15th May Buzzard 2, Hobby 1, Marsh Harrier 1 ( cream head imm) Little Owl 1 (in the usual place on the old sea cliff to the left of the hide) On the whole its been quite slow over the past few weeks, good bird watching Pete.

16th May 2011, Monday

From Little Acorns…

Earwigs inside an acorn
I was on a walk with a small group in Brede High Wood when a young lad came over to me with an acorn. Inside were 5 bug like nymphs. He asked “what are they”. I didn’t have a clue. So I took a photo of the acorn and we continued on are way. I have since found out that they are nymphs of the Common Earwig (Forficula auricularia) A pair of forceps-like appendages protrude from the end of the earwig’s abdomen. These appendages are called cerci. The cerci aren’t used as weapons, but they may harmlessly grasp a human hand if handled aggressively. They’re also used to assist in mating, male and female grasping each other, or sometimes to grasp prey. Earwigs have a very broad, omnivorous diet, and feed at night. They eat anything from garden plants, to grass and other insects.