Brede High Wood moths

5th May 2011, Thursday

Bluebell Conch
On a recent walk to Brede High Wood I took a photo of a small moth. After researching it, I found that it is a Bluebell ConchHysterophora maculosana I have talked to Patrick Roper and Colin Pratt both Sussex experts, about this moth and they have confirmed the name for me. There are only 4 records for it during the 21st century in Sussex. This picture, as pointed out by Patrick could be special due to the fact that it seems to be the only picture about that has the moth on the food plant.

Lampronia flavimitrella
I have also found a moth called Lampronia flavimitrella at Brede High Wood. After a long search I found a likely name for it. I have been in communication this morning with moth experts at county level. Then from Butterfly Conservation. Then at national level. The moth has been confirmed and there is great interest in it. It is a pRDB 1 species. One of my all time best finds.