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7th April 2011, Thursday

Castle Water

Last year I spent a day clearing the small pond at the entrance to the hide which had became clogged and overgrown with vegetation. At the time I remember thinking what species of dragon and damseflies could possible have been attracted to the pond in its present state, so I was delighted this morning to find two teneral Large Red Damselfly and several exuviae. I hope now that the cleared pond will encourage a larger population of Large Red Damselfly to establish, and Hairy Hawker which had bred at the pond several years ago. Also of interest today at Castle Water, five of the Big 6 bumblebee species terrestris, lapidarius, lucorum, hortorum and pascuorum. Hoverflies on the wing included Meliscaeva auricolis and Eupeodes luniger, a basking Grass Snake was also a nice find.


Teneral Large Red Damselfly at Castle Water hide pond this moring.