National Trust, Winchelsea- March

31st March 2011, Thursday

2011 is the year of our Water Vole habitat management trial along one of the ditches just west of New Gate, Winchelsea. After completing vegetation management in February, creating a wiggly channel of open water with scalloped “bays”, the electric fence went live on 10th March. This will protect the bank from trampling and poaching by livestock and leave the voles a wider strip of grass to feed on. Their activity will be monitored from next month. 

Other highlights from March around Winchelsea include regular visits from three Buzzards over Wickham Manor Farm, several Skylarks singing on Crutches Farm, Brede Valley, where we also spotted the same Black Swan last week that Cliff has seen.

The (presumably) same three Buzzards have also been spotted over Market Wood on Old Marsham Farm, Pett Level. A pair of Ravens were also seen over the wood, staying for around 40 minutes on 16th March. 

Butterfly activity has picked up with several Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells and a Brimstone spotted last week.