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27th March 2011, Sunday

Dotted bee-fly

Each spring our garden in Northiam usually hosts two species of bee-fly (more precisely our population of solitary bees, probably Andrena flavipes support them).  The common bee-fly Bombylius major (see this link for picture) and it’s scarcer relative the dotted bee-fly Bombylius discolor usually occur together.  This year the dotted bee-fly (see below) is the dominant species.


When observed at rest this species is fairly straight-forward to identify as it lives up to it’s English name with numerous black spots on it’s wings.  The trouble is these insects Read the rest of this entry »

27th March 2011, Sunday

Perfect timing

This morning we had our first lesser redpoll of the “winter”, a pretty male.  This is only the third year I have had these birds at my nyjer feeders since the mid 1990’s, with all three sightings since 2006.

The BTO launched a survey of the use of nyjer seed feeders by this species on Friday, so if you use one have a go at filling it in, regardless of whether or not this species has visited yours.