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26th March 2011, Saturday

Light Orange Underwing

I was out on my first walk of the year in Brede High Wood, when I spotted some small day flying Lepidoptera. Patrick Roper and Martyn Parslow had mentioned seeing some small leps flying about in 2010, but both had been unable to get close enough to one to make an identification. I had with me, my first ever butterfly net. It was the first time I had taken it on a walk with me. It is a folding pocket net. So I then spent the next 2 hours on the same path walking up and down trying to catch one of the moths, and solve the mystery. A number of dog walkers passed by avoiding me, and to them, perhaps my odd behaviour. After seeing four moths, I finally managed to catch the fifth one. I have learnt that it is Notable B, day-flying Light Orange Underwing moth (Archiearis notha) It seems that this is the first one to be recorded in Sussex for 26 years. A few people have requested to see the pictures and they may well one day turn up in a moth book.
Dave Monk by e-mail