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10th March 2011, Thursday

Oak Beauty steals the show


All day this fresh Oak Beauty has been resting on the wall above my moth trap in Rye. I get one or two of these every spring but they’re still rather special. It’s quite large, over 3 cm across, and the strongly feathered antennae show this one’s a male. As the name implies, it’s a species of mature broadleaved woods, especially oak, and not really a garden moth at all – I think mine come from the wooded cliff-line above Military Road. There were just 11 other moths – 6 Common Quaker, 3 Small Quaker and 2 Hebrew Character, a typical March catch.

10th March 2011, Thursday

Castle Water

A Spoonbill out from the hide was a nice find this morning at first light, and made a good addition to the Bittern, Little Egrets and Grey Heron that were also there. Good numbers of Shoveler are still present around the site with 180+ (including birds on Ternery Pool and Harbour Farm). Another nice find near the hide on the Tuesday was a superb Cheilosia grossa, this early hoverfly was attracted to a white plastic bag during sunny spells, which made it easy to see. The emerging willow catkins over the next few weeks will be a good source of food for early flies and bumblebees and will be a good place to search.