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20th February 2011, Sunday

Easterly movement at Pett

Parked the van near Toot Rock turning, I arrived at 7.15am, and began to walk along the sea wall. The tide was low with sea mist around a mile out, with both Dung and Cliff End covered with mist, which made the birds, fly closer in to shore. There was a cold N.E/E breeze, with over/cast conditions, which made for good light on the seaward side.Brent Geese started moving eastward straight away,with a flock of 50/60 along the tidal edge,with flocks of 1oo or so being the largest, and by the time I left at 12.30pm, (high tide) there had been a grand total of 733,along 13 Barnacle Geese (they spent sometime on the beach, along with 16 Brent,at waters edge) Between these sightings, the most odd sighting was of three geese coming in head on with only the light forewing showing, and at first I thought they were Graylag until they turned side ways on, where they turned out to be 3 Egyptian Geese they also spent sometime on the beach before moving off east. Also moving over the sea 40 Wigeon, 5 Gadwall, 2 Pintail, 2 Goldeneye, 1 R.B.Merganser, there was again a nice size flock of Velvet Scoters with 16, and a party 6 Eider ( all adult drakes) which moved west early in the morning, and east again later in the morning. Other sightings over the sea 50/60 Gannet,40/50 R.T.Diver(with alot on the sea) 3 Little Gull(adult) west. On the pools and marsh there is still large numbers of wildfowl to see. Gulls are also in good numbers on the marsh, the best of which, 3 Med Gulls adult on the pools. Good bird watching Pete.