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1st February 2011, Tuesday


During my Atlas TTV in Camber this morning, in the interests of science I had a go at actually counting the hordes of House Sparrows. My previous guesstimate was 95 (see post of 27 Dec. and follow-ups). This time I got a better idea of their distribution. The biggest flocks were by the main road – c.110 in the long hedge in front of Pontins main building, and c.40 in a similar hedge between the Nisa store and the launderette!  With several other noisy groups of 10+ in bushes and odd pairs around the rooftops, certainly 200+ in the village. Counting them in the hedge is not so difficult, since apart from the incessant din they seem to be always fidgeting about. By stopping every few yards and peering into the dense tangle, one can count each little group in turn. A Green Sandpiper on a rather unsalubrious ditch in the caravan park was the only notable bird on today’s count.