Yet More Sparrows

29th December 2010, Wednesday

About 6 weeks ago (16th Nov) I did a TTV in TQ72G (Robertsbridge). I parked in the layby on the A21 just S of the bypass, walked down into the village via George Hill, then walked Station Rd, Brightling Rd, Bishop’s La before heading towards Glottenham. Most of the first hour and a bit were therefore in the “built up” part of Robertsbridge. My total House Sparrow count for the TTV was 71 (thus getting a red card when inputting the TTV!) – 61 in the first hour, 10 in the second. And I guess this was, if anything, an undercount. They were mostly in relatively small groups and, as always, hard to count accurately.

Before setting out on the TTV I’d suspected I might find several House Sparrows because I had noticed quite often, over the years, what seemed to be a roost forming in the Ivy climbing the walls of the butcher’s shop at the junction of Station Rd and High St. But I was surprised, when I tallied up at the end of my walk, to find so many.

Here in Hoath Hill (Mountfield), which stretches for maybe 400 yards, there seem to be at least three discrete gangs perhaps supporting the view that this species doesn’t venture far, at least in the daytime.

Robin Harris