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27th November 2010, Saturday

Amphibians and dry ditches

Continuing the theme of the results of the 2009 drought on ditch flora and fauna at East Guldeford I surveyed the ditches for amphibians in March.  By far the most abundant species was the marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus which was present in all the ditches in good numbers.  This is far and away the most aquatic of the Marsh amphibians and will have evaded the worst effects of the drought, and the little egrets and grey herons, by hiding in damp crevices and hollows in the bottom of the ditches.  Although not of any conservation significance (because it is an introduced species) it does act as as a prey species for the medicinal leech that abound in these ditches.

Great crested newt egg on water-speedwell leaf

I would not say that newts abounded in the ditches.  There were Read the rest of this entry »

27th November 2010, Saturday

Castle Water

Highlights this morning included 450 Teal, 145 Shoveler, 125 Gadwall, 280 Wigeon, 400 Mallard, 2 Smew, and 2 Bittern on the main pit, 3 Waxwing gave great but all too brief views in hawthorns at the northern end of the main pit and a Woodcock was flushed from bramble scrub near the veiwpoint.