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21st November 2010, Sunday

Pett Level duo

Snow Bunting
The confiding snow bunting was still at Cliff End today, feeding along the edge of the sea wall and on the grassy shingle within the caravan park. Also the grey phalarope was still on the roadside pool, its incessant spinning evidently stirring up plenty of morcels to eat. Both were gleaming in the mid-day sunshine. From Ralph Hobbs by e-mail. Read the rest of this entry »

21st November 2010, Sunday

Urchins Galore

Taking a walk down the strand line today I came across quite a few deceased urchins.  The pile below was gathered from just a metre or two on the beach so there must have been thousands in total.  I believe they are the Green sea Urchin, Psammechinus miliaris, apparantly common to all of Britain’s coasts but probably not frequently seen to this extent on dry(ish) land.

Psammechinus miliaris