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10th November 2010, Wednesday

Curlew Return

curlew post box
Jack and Joan Veness named their bungalow Curlews because the field in front often had large numbers of this large brown wader in it. Their post box has a Curlew on it – see above. This was a long time ago, when it was sheep grazed (and Jack and Joan are no longer with us). It was turned into an arable field around 1977 and the Curlew were not seen there anymore. This field is the west field of Rye Harbour Farm and the Environment Agency’s project has changed the field into a wetland that today attracted 6 Curlew, 3 Grey Plover and a Dunlin – all wading birds that I had not seen there in more than twenty five years. This is the begining of the wetland wildlife recolonising this grazing marsh… for photo
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