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24th August 2010, Tuesday

Marshmallow recall

If you have been growing Marshmallow plants from seed collected at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve it is now time to be thinking of returning them so that they can be planted out… There will be 2 collection times at Rye Harbour car park – Tuesday 7th Sept 9-10am or Saturday 11th Sept 10-11am, or you can bring them to Lime Kiln Cottage by arrangement. We have already recieved about 300 plants and we took the opportunity of some wet weather to get them planted. A big thank-you to all who have tried.

24th August 2010, Tuesday

The Vestal

Desite the cold weather overnight, the good run on migrant moths continued this morning with The Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria). This species breeds in southern Europe and North Africa, and turns up irregularly in Britain as a migrant, sometimes in large numbers (the last one at Lime Kiln was in 2006).
Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)