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9th August 2010, Monday

Cuttlefish birthday

cuttlefish eggs
A couple of days ago there were “bunches of black grapes” on the shore. Some of these were rescued and put into the marine tank at Lime Kiln Cottage information centre. Here they have hatched in to tiny and very cute Cuttlefish – about 12mm long. They are facinating to watch through a magifying glass as they change colour, hover and then use their jet propulsion to whizz off… and catch their food.
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9th August 2010, Monday

Slow-worm birthday

I turned over a piece of felt in Northiam today and found a female slow-worm in the process of giving birth. The young of this reptile are born full formed within an egg membrane.  Shortly after this photograph was taken the newly born animal straightened itself and burst through the membrane, ready to start life in the garden.

New-born slow-worm within egg membrane

9th August 2010, Monday

Beach Reserve

A nice selection of waders at Ternery Pool this morning highlights included Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, 3 Greenshank, 8 Whimbrel, 3 Green Sandpiper and at least 9 Common Sandpiper. Along the shore 90 Dunlin and 11 Sanderling were feeding at low water ,19 Turnstone were present at the River Mouth. In addition 60+Yellow Wagtail were along Shore Ridges at dawn, 200 Sand Martin, 70 Swallow and 40 House Martin were in flight over Harbour Farm.

9th August 2010, Monday

Ugly Fly

‘Ornithomya avicularia’
Sam posted a rather attractive fly recently, now perhaps I can post a rather less attractive looking fly. I believe it’s a ‘Hippoboscidae’ species possibly ‘Ornithomya avicularia’. It is a parasite fly found on birds but in this case found on my wife after a spot of gardening in Peasmarsh…