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1st August 2010, Sunday

Pett Level

The morning started around 6.15am, and I decided to go to Carters, as the tide was low, and it would not be high tide for a number of hours. As it was it paid off, with 2 Little Owls and good views of a Barn Owl for most of the morning, hunting up and down over the flood, and perching for long periods of time on many different fence posts. Other birds of prey were 1 Marsh Harrier ( very rough looking male) 1 Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel and although not a bird of prey, 1Raven. Waders were 6 Green Sands, 2 Common Sands,1 Bl.T.Godwit, 3 Dunlin and herd a Greenshank.Small birds were also in good numbers with Chiff Chaff, Reed and Sedge Warblers, L.Whitethroats,and a singing Willow Warbler near the hide. But the bird of the morning was a Spotted Flycatcher  seen off and on all morning, on the fences and Willow Trees to the left of the hide. Good birdwatching Pete.

1st August 2010, Sunday

Interesting Insects

Given that it is turning into a good year for interesting migrants I have been running the moth trap fairly regularly over the last week. Highlights have included yet another Sussex Emerald, a Gem, and a Tree-lichen Beauty (trapped at ‘Green Acres’ on the ridge near Watch Cottage). I have also been turning up several Oak Eggar, including a couple of fantastic rich brown males, and a Honeysuckle Moth, a micro which I haven’t seen before but which also turned up at ‘Green Acres’. Also of interest this week were a Brown-banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis) at Castle Water, and my first Moss Carder Bee (B. muscorum) feeding on an ornamental shrub at Lime Kiln Cottage.
Male Oak Eggar
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